Powder Coating: Does It Matter?

There are a number of ways to add finishes to metal and other materials. One of the more popular approaches today is powder coating. As the process continues to gain in popularity, some question whether it is really as good as others say. In fact, this solution does offer benefits that will last for a long time. Here are some examples.

Chipping and Scratches are Less Likely

The problem with some other finishing methods is that the surfaces can still be scratched or the finish chipped with relative ease. The process of applying this type of coating creates an effective barrier that holds up well in all sorts of settings. That’s because of the process used to bake the coating and make a hard shell that is more resilient than other coatings. Thanks to this advantage, the surface will require less maintenance and not need much in the way of repair for years to come.

The Color Resists Fading

There is also the matter of color fading over time. When powder coating is used, the color is not just on the surface. It happens to be all the way through the coat. The elements found in the powder are designed to minimize the amount of fading that takes place. Even in an environment where the object is subjected to changing weather conditions and a lot of direct sunlight, the coating will hold up well and the color will remain true.

Those Annoying Spots

With other solutions, there is more potential for cracking and the exposure of the underlying materials. It takes quite a bit for cracking to occur with a powder coating in place. Forget about experiencing spots where the coating seems to wear a bit thin. It will be a long time before that type of thing will happen. By then, there is a good chance the owner either wants to opt for a different color or is ready to replace the object.

Take the time to learn more details about powder coating and the benefits this process provides. The results are important for manufacturers as well as consumers. After learning more about the process and well the coating holds up, deciding to go with this option will be easy.

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